CBD Oil - M0001


  • CBD Extract
  • Relevant Carrier Oil (e.g. MCT Oil, Hemp Oil)
  • Flavours or other additives (if relevant)


  • Glass Beaker
  • Hot Plate
  • Overhead Stirrer
  • Scale


  1. Place a measuring beaker on the scale and measure out the amount of CBD extract needed for the order. 
  2. Place the beaker with the measured-out CBD extract on the hot plate and turn the ‘Heating’ knob. The plate will heat up and start to melt down the CBD extract (MAX TEMP FOR METLING CBD IS 50 DEGREES C).
  3. Once the CBD extract has completely melted from its solid form to a liquid, place the beaker back on the scale and tare the scale.
  4. Measure the correct amount of carrier oil in the same beaker and any flavours or additives (if required).
  5. Mix CBD extract and the oil using the overhead stirrer. Allow 1 minute and 30 seconds for the oil and CBD extract to sufficiently mix. Note: The more oil there is, the longer it will take to mix and combine.
  6. Once mixed, turn off the overhead stirrer and remove the beaker from stirring.
  7. Once all ingredients are combined, pour the contents of the beaker into the appropriate bottle. (e.g. 10ml,30ml) and seal.