Shilajit Gummies - M0031


  • Shilajit Resin
  • 70% Ethanol
  • Gummies


  • Glass Beaker
  • Stirrer
  • Air Compressed Spray Gun
  • Tumble
  • Scale


    1. Place a beaker onto the scale and measure out the required amount of Shilajit Resin.
    2. Add the required amount of ethanol.
    3. Stir well, using a glass stirrer, for 1-2 minutes to combine. Ensure there is no residue on the sides or bottom.
    4. Place gummies into tumbler and turn on.
    5. Pour Shilajit solution into the air compressor spray gun.
    6. Spray gummies evenly by applying consistent pressure to the spray gun.
    7. After spraying, allow gummies to spin for 5-10 minutes to allow for ethanol evaporation. 
    8. Package.