Shisha Crystals - M0021


  • Silica crystals
  • VG
  • Flavour Concentrate
  • Colour
  • CBD Isolate (if required)


  • Glass Beaker
  • Scale
  • Stirring rod


  1. Place a beaker onto the scale and measure VG, flavours, colours, and CBD (if required).
  2. In a separate beaker, measure out the amount of silica crystals required for the product.
  3. Heat and dissolve CBD Isolate (if added into formulation, if not skip this step).
  4. Mix liquids and pour into the silica crystals.
  5. Mix well to combine.
  6. Package into a airtight container and leave for 72 hours to infuse.
  7. After 72 hours, the product is ready for packaging.