CBD Wax - M0007


  • CBD Extract
  • CBD Crude Oil
  • Beeswax


  • Glass Beaker
  • Hot plate
  • Scale accurate to 0.01
  • Overhead Stirrer


For this example, I will be making 10g of 50% CBD wax.

  1. Place the beaker on the scale and measure out the amount of CBD extract required for the percentage of wax being made.(e.g. 5g CBD extract).
  2. Add the amount of CBD crude oil required for the batch (e.g., 5g).
  3. Add the amount of beeswax required for the batch.(e.g., 0.5g).
  4. Place the beaker with the measured ingredients onto the hot plate. Turn the 'heat' knob.
  5. Once melted, turn off the 'heat' knob and remove from the heat.
  6. Mix the ingredients using the overhead stirrer.
  7. Once all the ingredients have combined, this product is ready to be packaged.

NOTE: We use 0.05g of Beeswax for every 1 gram of CBD wax.